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November 02, 2011


Madeleine Mulvihill Tarleton

So glad to hear my cousin is having success & getting noticed!!!!

Mark Holm

Thank you, Craig, for bringing Ryan more of the aclaim he truly deserves. Someone please hire this guy! As a 40-year jazz aficianado and (wanna-be) jazz musician, I can say with some authority that Ryan is THE best banjo player in the world. It's a shame that his incredible talent goes so under-appreciated and under-utilized. Bill Evans knows he's the best. That says volumes. Give him a call, Nashville musicians. You won't be disappointed.

Aunt Chrissie

YIPPPPEEE!!!! YOU go Ryan....YOU deserve much recognition for your intrinsic talent and ALL your hard work!
I say a soundtrack for a movie would be a sweet deal...

Mark Mulvihill


If my cousin Ryan wants to come to Chicago, he should contact the following venues: Martyr's on the north side of the city, and Down Home Guitars in Frankfort, Illinois, a suburb near Indiana. I talked up Ryan when I visited the shop a few months ago. They held their first annual bluegrass fest this past year, and Tony Rice will be performing at Down Home Guitars soon. Who knows?


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