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October 02, 2011


Stephen Mougin

What an inspired and inspiring essay! Thanks for sharing!

Ken Innis

Del McCoury in my eyes is one of the few true bluegrass entertainers left in this world today.He was the one that drew me to bluegrass years ago and he still is what keeps me there.No words can describe the man...he is just Del...the bluegrass man

Zach Bevill

Beautiful, Craig, beautiful. The 2002 Bonnaroo Del set was actually the first traditional bluegrass show I ever saw. One of a few experiences around then that changed my life, no doubt. I remember how in awe I was of the way they worked the mic together. I'll never forget it. Count me in as one more young person reached by Del, and inspired to make my own go at it.

What a great piece of writing, man. Spot on in every way. Thanks for writing it.


This is a great article. Del was also the one who opened my eyes to the awesome power of bluegrass music. I too have had the opportunity to talk with Del on a few occasions and I am a mess of nerves every time. It never fails that Del is always as kind as can be to get the opportunity to chat with his fans and more so than any artist I have ever met, makes you feel like you are genuinely important and that he enjoys the chance to chat. He's an amazing man and living legend. Congrats on the much deserved induction Del!

Jason Cummins

I was fortunate to have 2nd row seats at a small venue where DMB performed in June 2009 about 30 miles from my home. It was my 3rd time seeing them. Well, the next day I was driving thru town to watch my son's swim meet, when I noticed an SUV drive by and swore I saw Rob McCoury in the passenger seat. I pulled away from the stoplight, following them--not just to follow, but because that's the direction I was going. I got beside them, and there was Ronnie driving, with Alan and Jason in back. I waved and know I looked like a goober, but it was obvious to them that I knew who they were. In the SUV in front of them was Del & Jean. They were pulling over to look at a map because they'd gotten lost. I pulled over with them to help them out. It was a simple, understandable mistake because the road they'd gotten on was new and not yet on a map. I was able to help them out and they were quite appreciative and just as nice as anyone could hope. Del & Ronnie & Jean were super people.

And, yes, their hair looks the same off-stage as it does on-stage. :)

Ronnie McCoury

Wow! Thank you for such a heart-felt article..you brought tears to my eyes..we're even! ;-)
Your friend,
Ronnie McCoury

Peter Cooper

Craig, this is a brilliant piece. Thank you.
-Peter Cooper

Jim DiSabito

What a fabulous article. I have been following Chris Pandolfi's blog and wholeheartedly agree with his viewpoint. I am a bluegrass fan and musician and have heard all the "trad. vs progressive " arguments. Your story is a perfect illustration of musical cooperation, collaboration and the wonderful results that can come from it. Each style can feed the other! I hope this movement for an " all inclusive " bluegrass family takes hold for good! Thanks to folks like you and Chris for speaking up. There is so much great music to come......

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