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July 20, 2009



nailed it craig!


I agree; there is so much going on here ... all I hear is that it is an exciting time to be in music. I would have written a much different story. (But not for The Tennessean!) In her defense, music and music biz is not Naomi's beat and she's making the best of what she's handed in a limited-at-best newsroom. You're right, The Tennessean should not be attempting what it cannot deliver. But the really sad thing is, that's one thing Music City's daily SHOULD have a lock on. Since you and I left, Craig, there hasn't been anyone covering the music business in all its facets and genres with the kind of frequency and depth - and genuine love - that we did :(((

steve keller

well played!

there's trouble. right here in music city. with a capital "t" and the rhymes with "p" and that stands for "pull your head out of your ass."

not to level this at poor naomi, but it seems music city has been asking the wrong questions for quite some time now.

the good news is that the chaos of the last ten years has opened up opportunities for us to emerge as a new epicenter for the music business (across all genres.) the bad news is, the city as a whole is still struggling with what "music city" really means.

to reframe our moniker and move us to the front of the trending topics, we need to broaden the discussion to include issues of diversity and integration, the role of new tech startups and venture capitalists, the need to revisit our city's relationship with the arts as a whole (particularly when it comes to education)...and i'm just getting started.

"People are building the models to replace the record industry at the center of the music business ALL AROUND THE WORLD. If we don't build some of it here, the Music City dream could be in trouble."

truer words were never spoken.


Amen Brother Ben!


I thought what the Tennessean piece confused was the difference between diversity and creativity in music and financially successful music. There's plenty of music which uses all types of instruments and all types of styles being written and performed in Nashville. But the music which is getting the largest $$ is in the country and gospel/christian areas. That's partially a function of what people primarily buy today and partially a function of where the roots of Nashville's music industry lie. I found it somewhat amusing that this article appeared in the same paper which publishes quotes from songwriters and artists who say they have a home in Nashville and/or love coming to Nashville because the songwriting community here is "so creative."

Steve Weaver

Thanks for the insight Craig. I've been reading the comments to the Tennessean article this morning. Perhaps I am too simple, but I do not find it at all unusual that the "Country Music" branch of a major label is not not interested in signing an artist from another genre. Hello!!!! Do one thing and do it good -- advice given to me a few years ago by EMI Music Publishing's Gary O. (Advice I did not take sadly.) We are the home of the Country and Christian music business. That in no way means that there cannot labels and others in Nashville specialized in other genres of music. Just don't expect those who are paid to create and market Country or Christian music to be the ones to do it.

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